"A bit about me, and how I make sure my clients are winning."

-Ken Dumas

Since 2015, Ken’s service in real estate has grown and been propelled by 3 main core values:

- Simplicity

- Patience

- Compassion

"Why", you ask?

Simplicity is always the right answer to the inherent nuances and complexities that are everywhere in real estate transactions. Ken’s style of guidance distills the complex marketing and sales processes for his clients down to the main actions and decisions required of them, to get the result they're looking for. The Greater Edmonton Area real estate market is a giant, dynamic, segmented, ebbing and flowing thing. But if you simplify it, and properly interpret it, you can win at real estate every. single. time. 

Patience is absolutely vital, in many different ways. Consider the professional athlete timing their execution flawlessly. The one timer. The bicycle kick. The layup. Sometimes they need to hurry up and wait, but when the timing is right, the right results will follow. Being able to discern when to act quickly, or take a step back and exercise patience, is a fundamental skill learned though experience, that Ken applies regularly to ensure his clients’ are informed and protected (and winning). In another respect, it often takes time to get a home ready for market or make preparations for a purchase. Patience moving through his process and taking the right early steps to prepare, generally gets better results than moving ahead without. At the end of the day, we fall to our highest level of preparation.

Compassion has a lot of layers to it, to be sure. Ken interprets and seeks to apply it as a way to understand the perceptions and experiences of the clients (and agents, builders, brokers, lawyers, etc) he’s working with in a specific transaction, so everyone can reach the outcome they're working toward. This also means understanding the crucial motivations and timelines, so he can deliver in those specific areas. Every situation is unique, and his advice is always made to measure.

With these guiding principles, and a client service process developed in collaboration with international industry leaders, Ken has painstakingly navigated his clients through one of the toughest on-going economically challenging (and bizarre) markets the province has ever seen, and quickly became the trusted agent of choice for top developers and builders in the community. 

He often says "I just focus on taking really good care of my people, and our process takes care of the rest..". 

So far, this humanistic yet tightly calibrated approach has resulted in many tens of millions of dollars in real estate sold, on virtually every price point, property type, and corner of the GEA market.. and most importantly, resulted in a lot of happy clients!

Ken is also made a better man everyday, by his beautiful wife and two young daughters he loves very dearly.

Fun Fact: As a Type O Negative blood type (Universal Donor), Ken donates blood at the Edmonton Blood Clinic as often as he can, and encourages you to do the same, if possible.

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Ken Dumas | TriUrban Inc.
New Construction & Listing Specialist